The Hadith: “Paradise lies under the feet of the mothers”

Adaabul-Muhaddith (The manners of a Muhaddith)

The Maqloob (disarranged) Hadith

The Mudraj Hadith

The Mu’talif and Mukhtalif (Names, Kunyas, Tribal/Town Ascriptions which look the same when written but are pronounced differently) Hadith

The Mudhtarib (Conflicting) and Mu’all (Defectious) Hadith

The Al-Mudallis Hadith

The Mu’an’an Hadith

The Ghareeb (what’s been narrated by one person) and Musalsal (serialised) Hadith

The Mawqoof, Marfoo’, Mu’tasil, Musnad, Shaadh, Munkar Hadiths

When is an Hadith classified as ‘Al-Mursal’?

Al-Mu’dhal & Al-Munqati’

When is an Hadith classified as ‘Al-Mawdhoo’?

‘Adh-Dha’eef’ & ‘Al-Matrooh’

When is an Hadith classified as ‘Hasan’?

The ruling on prostrating on the Black Stone after kissing it

Benefit Concerning Inward and outward Adalah (Trustworthiness)

Combining Ahaadeeth only takes place if they are Authentic

The story of ‘Umar Bin Al-Khattāb burying his daughter alive

The authenticity of the Hadīth “At the end of time there will be a plenitude of recitors and a deficiency of Fuqahā”

The Hadith “Elderly women do not enter Jannah”

Weakness of Hadith Regarding the Punishment in Grave for the person who prayed without purification

Exceeding 11 units of Prayer in Taraweeh

Fasting on Yawm Assabt only (Saturday)

Combining different Remembrances of Allah in Rukoo

The Book: ‘Defective Ahadeeth while they appear authentic’, by the ‘Allāmah Muqbil bin Hādi Al-Wādi’ī

Is it permissible for women to visit the cemetery?

The reason for the Innovators lack of acceptance of authentic hadeeth is due to their desires

Narrations that mention doing particular actions warrants the forgiveness of forthcoming sins

What is the ruling in saying:”sadaq Allaahu Al-‘Adheem” after reading the Qur’aan?