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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hayakallah ikhwan, welcome to our group which gives Muslim brothers the opportunity to present their questions to the People of Knowledge. The answers will be provided from 3 main sources: Ulema from Yemen, Students of knowledge, and existing online sources like, torontodawah etc.

To make it easier for your questions to be answered and easier for other brothers, we have the following rules and guidelines in place:

1. Etiquettes of asking/posting question(s)

1.1 First verify if the question is properly formed. If more clarification is needed ask the Administrator of the group.

1.2 Remove the unnecessary details in question or generalize if possible.

1.3 Members should not post any evil things on the group, which include pictures of living beings, insults, filthy talk, Dunya matters that are not related to the objective of this room.

1.4 Any member posting something other questions will be warned once and, on repeat, he will be removed from the group, even if it was done by mistake.

1.5 Members can only post questions for themselves or on behalf of others. We will not accommodate irrelevant chatting and arguments.

1.6 If one wants to post benefits to other members, they can do so on other rooms. This room will strictly be used for posting of questions from members.

1.7 Links of unknown sites will not be permitted

2. Acceptance of Posted Answers and subsequent Clarifications

2.1 Answers will only be posted by the moderators

2.2 Answers to questions can be provided by us from existing sources, if already available like etc

2.3 Regarding expected time for getting answers from the Mashaayikh it is a minimum of 1 week. We advise the brothers to be patient on this timeline and have Husn az-Zan for the Moderators, Students of Knowledge and the Mashaayikh.

2.4 If a member needs an answer quickly we will try to a get a quick answer from Shaykh, but it might be a short answer.

2.5 If there is more clarification required on a question it should be posted as a new question with reference to the old one.

2.6 Any criticism on the answer can be raised directly to the moderators through PM. Publicly posting criticism on the group is not permitted and will result on the member with this conduct being removed from the group.

3. General conduct of the Brothers in the Group

3.1 This group is only for brothers to be members of. Sisters are not allowed.

3.2 Members are not permitted to join the group with profile pictures of living beings, sayings of the kufaar and innovators and any Dunya related text.

3.3 Moderators have the right to remove any member from the group who they deem is creating fitnah or is part of creating fitnah in the group.

3.4 If any member has suggestions or criticisms about the running of the group, they should PM the Moderators in private. This is from the adaab of advising your brother’s in private.

Questions are only open to be posted on Tuedays and Wednesdays

The most important ones will be chosen and notified for being presented to the scholars in sha Allaah.

This room is for the sake of Allah and the rules are framed to avoid wastage of time from moderator and members and to achieve the goal of the room with minimum effort.

May Allaah accept this effort from us and forgive us for our shortcomings

Please fill the details below and submit, one of the brothers would contact you shortly in sha Allaah:

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