Father is rejecting to marry his daughter to one who practice the Islam

Question 368:

I am 19 years old  and in a situation that I need to get married, I raised this issue in my house  as I got proposal from a guy, who is very good in deen , so I asked my parents to get me married to him, but my parents refused because they don’t want me to go in place where there is much deen, they asked me to get married  to a normal guy with little deen and they told little deen is enough and it’s enough to marry after 2  years, but I fear going into haram and I am in sitution in which Nikah is wajib for me , what should I do?

Answer :

“If her father refuses all the good people (anyone who has deen and ask’s her for marriage), and he looks for a person who does not pray or who sins,  then she need not accept any of the proposals. And she can consult her relatives who are upon the deen on this matter and tell them to to advise her father or people who are good, who can talk to her father.

She can also go to the Qazi (Muslim judge who looks after the affairs of the Muslims based upon Islamic Shariah) and complain to him about her father and he can see to her matter.”

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami

Translated the Summary of the answer by : AbdnNoor Al Hindi

Translators note :

Marriage without the wali is not permitted for a Muslimah.

Refer the Fatwa of Permanant Commitee.

If the father is not agreeing to marry a good person then she should be patient if it is only one person.  But if it is a lot of people who are being rejected who have good deen then she should complain to the Qazi. She should also perform Siyaam (fasting) if she fears for herself in falling into sin.

Refer the Fatwa of Permanent Committee


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