Participating in democratic elections in kuffar countries

Question :

This is a question from India. These days we have elections, shall we participate in that ? And we have the following excuses to participate in elections :

1. In India some times, transgression (harm) happen from Kuffar on Muslims and we cannot defend ourselves, if the Parliament (Assembly) doesn’t have Muslim members.
2. And if there are two people from Kuffar and one is lesser harm on Muslims that others, shall we chose the person of least harm ?


As for the question that we have elections and India and shall we participate in that, then the answer is : we advice you to stay away from participating in elections. And the excuses that were mentioned in the question, they are not valid excuses to participate in elections.

Allah has informed his Messenger – Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – and also his companions to exit from the lands of the Kuffar. And if one cannot establish the religion in the lands of kuffar they are ordered to do Hijrah (leaving the lands of Kuffar and going to Islamic lands). And this compulsory upon those who can afford the Hijrah. And one need to be patient in the lands of Kuffar until Allah makes him a way to exit from it and he should not participate with them and should be patient upon harm that is reached to him the Kuffar. And the Messenger – Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – was harmed and he was staying the land of Kuffar and he is use to be patient on the harm that reached to him and also advice his companions to be patient. And they use to boycott them (Kuffar) and boycott their gatherings and their fitan (trials or evil actions) and they didn’t join them.

And it is compulsory on Muslims that they don’t join the people of evil (Kuffar) in their evil practices by mentioning this reason and that reason. And they need to be patient until Allah opens a way for them. And if you got all of your rights then thank Allah, if you didnt get your rights then, this right by will of Allah you will get on day of resurrection. And upon you to be patient until Allah opens a way between you and the Kuffar. And if you have capability of leaving this land of Kuffar, it is compulsory upon you to leave that.

As for the choosing between two Kuffar (as mentioned in question as a reason), then don’t select any one. Boycott the Kuffar and elections of Kuffar.

And only if they put strong pressure on you that, if you don’t participate in elections you will be imprisoned or torture or your wealth will captured or some thing that you cannot bear then this is something different (may be in this case you can save yourself from this torture by participating in elections, and all praises to Allah this is not a case in India or in any other kuffar countries as per my knowledge – Translator). And if it is only that you dont get some of your rights then be patient and this matter is simple, the Messenger – Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – and his companions were harmed and their rights were not given to them from the enemies of Islam and they never use to join the Kuffar in their evil and they use to boycott them.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami, May Allah preserve him
Translated by : AbdnNoor Al Hindi, 24 – Muharram – 1437 H