Seeking knowledge before giving Dawah

Question :

Can some brother give me some speech f ulama on the importance of seeking knowledge before Dawah .. and that it is not obligatory to establish it for the ignorant.

Answer :

We advise the brother to go back to the explanation of Saheeh al Bukhaari under the chapter of : “knowledge proceeds speech and action”. Also see the explanations of usool thalaatha (Three fundamental principles of islam).

Also see the tafseer of the saying of Allaah :

هذه سبيلي ادعو إلى الله على بصيرة

“This is my path, I call to all upon insight.”

Also the saying of Allaah

كونوا ربانيين

“Be scholars(learned men)”

Also sheikh fawzaan has a small treatise on this topic:

The summary of it being what imaam muhammad ibn Abdul wahaab mentioned in the beginning of usool thalaatha.
He said : know may Allaah have mercy upon you. It is obligatory upon you to know four things:

1. Knowledge (then he mentioned what knowledge is).
2. Action upon that.
3.Calling to it.
4. Being patient upon the harms Which may occur from that.

Written By : Noble brother Abu haroon Muhammad taweel as-somali.