Father doesn’t agree with his son who want to seek knowledge

Question :

A brother wants to seek knowledge but his father is not agreeing with that. What is the advise for the brother ?

Answer :

If his father is in need of the brother like the brother looks the affairs of father and spends upon him then is Wajib that he stays with his father. And if the father is not in need of the mentioned brother and just the father wants the brother to stay with him, then Imam Ahmad was asked about this, and he told he can travel to seek the Hadeeth.

So if the father is need of the person which is necessary need then the person stays with the father and if the father is not in need of the person he travel to seek knowledge.

If the person is from land of disbelievers and the father is also Muslim and they have to do Hijrah, it is Wajib upon them to do Hijrah. And he and his father cannot make Hijrah and his father is need of him then stays with him until Allah open a way for him.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Ishaq Al Qaisee Hafidahullah