The Ruling on Living in the Lands of the Disbelievers


Is it permissible to live in the lands of the Disbelievers?


It is not permissible to live in the lands of the Disbelievers, except in a situation of dire or pressing need, and from this is someone calling to Allah, so he lives in the lands of the disbelievers on his own without his family (i.e. wife and children etc), he calls to Allah according to his ability then he should return, and also a person that couldn’t find a cure (for his illness) except in the lands of the disbelievers and undergoes medical treatment there then returns, or a person that has business related links so he goes (to the lands of the kufaar) to take care of his affairs…(words that weren’t clear from the tape) then he returns back to his country, as for going to the lands of the disbelievers to eat and drink and to serve the enemies of Allah and to subject and submit themselves to the laws of disbelief and be in a state of lowliness and disgrace in the lands of the disbelievers then this is
Haraam thumma Haraam (repeated for emphasis), so it is upon the one that lives this type of lifestyle to return back to their countries.

Answered By : Al Allaamah Rabee Ibn Haadee AlMadkhalee

(Transcribed from the tape of the Sheikhs telelink with the youth in
Frankfurt, Germany)

Translation: Abu Shu’ayb Omar