Advice to ahlus sunnah in west

Question :

What is your advice to ahlus sunnah in the west ?

Answer :

In summary, the shaykh adviced ahlus sunnah in the west and other places

“We advise ourselves as well as our brothers in all of the lines in being vigilent and moving forwards to that which is beneficial for them and distancing themselves and turning away from that which is of no benefit. Especially in those lands where they live in,in which they glorify and magnify the dunyaa and some of the muslimoon have followed the ways of disbelievers in this and this is a matter which has no end to it. Whomsoever has some sort of capability in touching his brothers and benefiting them then let him do so otherwise let them use these wasail ,means which are present today from the phone calls and the likes,let them use these in connecting to the people of knowledge and stay away from disbelievers and that which they are upon.”

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Amr Al Hajooree hafidhahullah